Sunday, 20 January 2013

Literature Review (Ibrahim)

Name: Muhammad Ibrahim Bin Azmansah         Class: S2-03 

Literature Review of Reducing Waste

Every year, tons of waste are generated by us. In Singapore, the waste mostly end up in landfills, such as the Semakau Landfill, or end up in the incineration plant to be burn for energy. Most people do not realise that the waste causes affect the environment. Although part of the waste is recycled, prevention is always better than the cure. So with that said, we aim to urge Singaporeans to reduce their waste usage, and make the world a better place.

Even though plastic is the least common type of waste generated in Singapore, it does not mean that we should ignore the excessive use of plastic. About 684,400 tons of plastic waste was generated in 2008. The elimination of the excessive use of plastic and reducing of plastic used should comply. 

It takes about 331 million barrels of oil to make plastic products. Recycling just one plastic bottle saves enough energy to power a 60W light bulb for six hours. Hence reducing the use of plastic would lead to a smaller environmental impact as less oil will be used and more energy can be saved, thus there will be less pollution and less destruction to the forests and can save endangered animals. 

Ways to reduce the use of plastics are:
  1. Recycle plastic waste into decoration, art or musical instruments.
  2. Eat ice cream using a cone.
  3. Bring along environmental friendly bag when going shopping.
  4. Reuse plastic bags that is collected.

Recycle plastic waste into decoration, art or musical instruments for your home, school or work. For example, you don’t have to waste money or plastic just to have a lava lamp, you can use the bottles as a maracas and you can make plastic bottles as a beautiful piece of artwork which you can be proud to show off to everyone who come to your house.

Think before you act, eating ice cream using a cone, wafer or bread is a much better way as you can eat the cone, wafer or bread together with the ice cream. If you eat ice cream with a plastic cup, you would be throwing the plastic cup away after you eat the ice cream. That would increase the amount of plastic used.

Bring along environmental friendly bag when going shopping so as to reduce the amount of plastic wasted every time you buy things. So to encourage people to bring their bags, IKEA charges $0.20 per every plastic and NTUC charges $0.10 per every plastic. The environmental friendly bag can also be reuse every time you go shopping.

If you have been asking for plastic every time you shop, reuse plastic bags that is collected to line the bin. Bread bags make excellent freezer bags. Plastic bags can also be reuse for packing your bag on a holiday if you’r afraid that your clothes might get dirty in the bag.

               National Environmental Agency (NEA)

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