3. Results

        1. Do you know where most of the rubbish produced in Singapore goes to? If yes, state an example.
    From the results, we can see that most teenagers do not know about the disposal of rubbish here in Singapore.  

                 2. Do you think that Singaporeans will be able to reduce rubbish produced? How would you                  rate, from a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best) Singaporeans in terms of reducing the rubbish? 

    From the results, we can see that teenagers only give Singaporeans an average score of 3, in terms of
    reducing rubbish.

       3. How would the rubbish produced affect Singapore?

      We have categorised the responses to; 'Pollution', 'Global Warming', 'Tourist' and 'Not Enough Land' based on the answers given. These were the most common answers given to us. People said that more rubbish would add more pollution in Singapore, it will enhance global warming, it may drive away tourists and others said that Singapore will end up with little land to dispose the rubbish. Thus, we categorised them as such. 

      Do you practice the 3Rs (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle)?

        From the results, we can see that very little percentage of teenagers practice the 3Rs constantly. However, more of them moderately practice the 3Rs. 

        5. Do you think the 3Rs are effective in reducing rubbish? Yes or No? Why?

        We can see that most people say that the 3Rs are effective. The main reason they give is that they use it, and it gives good results. 

        6. Do your parents put in extra effort just to reduce the amount of rubbish produced by them? Yes or No? If yes, what are some ways?

        From the results, we can see that most parents of teenagers do not put in the extra effort to reduce rubbish produced. However, there are ones that do and the ways states are; Recycling, reusing, environmental programmes and avoiding disposable items.

        7. How would you increase awareness of this matter?

        We can see that most teenagers voted for Online methods to increase awareness of the amount rubbish. Thus, we now know which platform to go with if we had to increase the awareness.

        8. Do you try to put in the extra effort to reduce your daily amount of rubbish?

        From the results, we can see that most teenagers put in the effort to reduce their daily amount of rubbish. However, the percentage of teenagers who do not put in the effort is up to par with the ones who do. 

        9. What is the first step to reducing the waste? State one example clearly.

        We can see that most teenagers state that the 3Rs is the first step. Although this is true, we expected to receive a variety of answers. 

        10. Any suggestions in reducing rubbish? If not, type in NIL
        From the results, we can see that most of the responses are NILs. This tells us that teenagers in Singapore do not know more of the ways to reduce rubbish.

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