Minutes Of Meeting

Date: 4/2/13
What did we discuss?
- Draft ideas for our interviews/questionnaires
- The days and the dates that we want to conduct the surveys and interviews 

Date: 18/2/13
What did we discuss?
- Evaluate the survey results
- Discuss on how can we have more people doing the survey
- Prepare for the sharing of our findings & progress so far

Date: 24/2/13
What did we discuss? 
We discussed to how to find even more responses to our survey. We also tried to analyse the data collected.

Date: 4/3/13 
What did we discuss? 
We collected enough responses for our survey and we started to categorize the responses collected. We also analysed the data collected.

Date: 11/3/13
What did we discuss? 
Done categorizing of results and plotted graphs.
Discussion and Conclusion of the written report will be done by this week. (via Google Doc)
The whole written report will be done by next week.

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