5. Conclusion

As the population of Singapore is increasing, the amount of rubbish its citizens produce will also  increase. Thus, we wanted to find out the habits of them, starting with the teenagers. To start, most teenagers that took our survey, do not know where rubbish produced in Singapore goes to. However, there is a good percentage that do know. Most of them also rated Singaporeans a ‘3’ in terms of reducing their rubbish. This tells us that Singaporeans are just ‘average’ and do not really put in the effort in. 

When we asked how the amount of rubbish produced would affect Singapore, most people said that eventually, Singapore would not have enough land to dispose the rubbish. Others also said that the rubbish would increase the amount of pollution, enhance the greenhouse effect and will put off tourists. All of these are valid and shows that teenagers are aware of the consequences, but do not put in the effort. From the results, we can safely say that most teenagers at least try to reduce their daily amount of rubbish, although a small percentage who put in their best to reduce the rubbish. 

In order to raise awareness of this matter, most of the people we surveyed said that Online methods to be the best. This shows that we should use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to spread the message. However, a good percentage also said that a video or film would also be a good way to raise the awareness. This is good as we can upload short films to platforms like Youtube to get to a wider range of people.

When asked for suggestions, we received a high percentage of NILs. This shows that teenagers in Singapore do not know about more creative and fun ways to reduce their daily amount of rubbish, thus resulting in them not putting in their full effort. 

In conclusion, the teenagers in Singapore try to reduce rubbish produced, but do not know a variety of ways to do so. This results in them putting in half the effort. Also, we should use online platforms to spread the message or make a video or short film as suggested by the people. 

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